we design elegant & sophisticated art objects

by merging sustainability, technology & aesthetics

From state-of-the-art food systems to serene home décor to bring the beauty of nature indoors. We design highly functional art pieces that improve the lives of our customers

Nature Integrated Technologies is a group of companies focused on designing elegant and sophisticated art objects: aquariums, art walls, aquaponics islands and water features for residential and commercial real estate.


We are the world leader in high-tech sustainable art, which improves the life of our customers, as well as provide access to quality education and career growth, innovation and sustainable food solutions to underprivileged communities around the world.

Aquaponics Island

When ancient Balinese art meets aquaponics technology
Aquaponics Island is a unique outdoor design feature, which combines bio geometry, sustainable farming and a smart water circulation system. The island design is inspired by ancient Balinese landscape art utilizing lava rock, dark grey sandstone for extra moos growth as well as a vertical and horizontal bamboo garden. The centrepiece features a palm tree holding the vertical herb garden.

Sustainable Floral Systems

Evergreen flower arrangements for hotels and homes
Our aquaponics floral systems are beautifully designed evergreen arrangements, controlled by high technology. Turn your hotel lobby, a reception area or a living room into an elegant and artistic space with luxurious floral designs with no hassle to look after them.

Indoor Aquaponics

Stunning decor pieces to grow your own healthy food
Our aquaponics decor is unique and bespoke art, made of natural materials and controlled by a tiny, but very powerful computer system. Grow your own organic food in your own home or office on less than one square meter and enjoy the zen-like ambience to elevate your mood and improve your overall well-being.

Aquarium Decor

Bali-inspired aquariums for your home or office
Transform your hotel, office or your home into space where you can escape the busy world and immediately connect with nature. The LED lighting and unique design turn an aquarium into an elegant state-of-the-art. The aquascape inside the aquarium is inspired by ancient Balinese art, which makes our aquariums look like magical jungle forests.

Aquaponics Art Wall

Transform any wall into a piece of living art
Our Art Wall Design is a unique technological miracle and a sustainable vertical garden. If you want to impress your guests right when they arrive at your residence, hotel or your office we suggest you turn your boring walls into living art. The beautiful bespoke design combines your logo, a water feature, bamboo or floral arrangements and a fish tank, all supported by a closed circular water system controlled by a mini-computer.

Terrarium Decor

Bring nature indoors with our bespoke terrariums
If you live a busy life, you must have a place in your home or your office to be able to connect with nature, meditate and reflect on the day. Balinese art, landscaping combined with high technology and lighting turn our terrariums into personalized wellness therapy tools. Perfect for spaces that need a sparkle of green, vibrant life to achieve peace of mind and balance.

Our subsidiary companies based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia will bring your sustainable design ideas to live

Atmana Home Decor designs and builds nature inspired decor to add elegance and style to your home, hotel or office space. Freestanding Aquarium and Terrarium sculptures combined with beautiful mood lighting to create an ultimate peace of mind.
Bali Aquaponics creates beautiful sustainable art by integrating esthetically impeccable, dazzling bespoke art objects that combine aquaponics, light therapy and high-tech into residential or commercial spaces to enhance the ambience, impress your guests and even grow your own food.

Our international partner companies based in the United States focusing on sustainable solutions

Aquaponics Design (USA) is specializing in aquaponics solution for homes, commercial enterprises and schools. Our team consists of the top world’s aquaponics experts, architects and designers and we can build indoor and outdoor aquaponics systems of any level of complexity: from an organic indoor mini-farm for a local school to the biggest vertical aquaponics garden for a 5 star resort, office building or a shopping mall.
“Koya Project” (USA) is a non-profit organisation providing aquaponics solutions and world-class education on sustainability, urban planning and organic farming for underprivileged communities and youth around the world. We work with schools, orphanages and organisations addressing the problems of hunger, malnutrition, water scarcity, poor water and sanitation by building aquaponics systems and educating children and adults on sustainable food production, innovation and technology.

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